Vision & Mission

Vision Statement

The vision of St Patrick’s Parish School is to be a community which bears witness to Gospel values and celebrates our Faith traditions. It will be committed to the development of the whole child—a child who is principled.

Mission Statement

A Community of Faith

  • Promoting the Kingdom of God and the faith of the children we teach through love of God, involvement and celebration.
  • Centered on Christ and the sacramental life of the Church.
  • Deepening of our Faith through modelling our life experiences on Jesus Christ.
  • Knowing and teaching the Gospel values by Example.
  • Using Jesus as our model to teach children to reflect on their actions.
  • Teaching children that God also works through other religions and faiths.

A Community of Learning

  • Providing for individual differences and assisting children to find and nurture their skills and talents.
  • Supporting and valuing excellence, achievement and effort through the provision of a comprehensive, quality curriculum.
  • Supporting staff and valuing their dedication and professionalism.
  • Supporting the use of technology as a tool for learning and teaching.
  • Providing the opportunity for professional dialogue, to enhance learning and teaching practices.

A Community of Service

  • Acknowledging, complementing and supporting the role of parents in our school.
  • Involving our children in the local and parish communities through partnership with our priests and community personnel.
  • Promoting outreach to the poor and disadvantaged.
  • Acknowledging the gifts of those in our community and promoting and modelling the use of these to benefit others.
  • Promoting an appreciation of God’s creation and our role within the global community.

A Community of Care

  • Creating situations which are welcoming and inclusive of visitors, children, their families and cultures.
  • Respecting the dignity and unique nature of the teachers and children in our community.
  • Establishing mutually agreed norms to nurture a safe, secure and stimulating environment conducive to learning.
  • Creating a climate of fairness and justice by the establishment of high expectations, supported by appropriate discipline structures.
  • Promoting self-esteem and critical thinking in students through the encouragement of a positive outlook.

My children, our love is not to be just words or mere talk, but something real and active; only by this can we be certain that we are children of the truth. (1 John 3:18-19)