We are now taking Enrolments for Kinder 2024               

Enrolment procedures:

Contact the school office for an enrolment package or complete the Online or Paper-based Applications

Online Applications

Paper-based Applications

For 2024 Applications, St Patrick’s Parish School is trialling Online Applications

Please see this 'Online Application to Enrol' package to lodge an online application.


Families can choose to lodge applications in hard copy form. Please download, print and complete this ‘Application to Enrol’ package and form.

The completed form will need to be submitted in person at the school administration office

Sacramental certificates, Birth Certificate and Government immunisation records are required with an online or hard-copy application.

Grades 1 - 6 Enrolments require most recent school reports. NAPLAN reports are also recommended to be submitted.

On receipt of the application an interview time will be arranged for your family.

The Principal then confirms your child/children's acceptance into St. Patrick's Parish School and you are then sent an Enrolment Agreement Form to complete.

The completion of the agreement confirms a family's acceptance of the enrolment offer.


Fee Structure 2023 information.

Online Application to Enrol Overview
In 2023, CEDWW are trialling the use of Online Applications to Enrol at specific schools.
For Kindergarten and Years 1 to 6: St Patrick's Parish Primary School, Albury
• For New Families having their first child attend a CEDWW school
• For Existing Families at St Patrick's Parish Primary School, Albury where all parents / legal guardians
reside at the same address

Due to the current restrictions in features:
• Existing Families where any listed parent/legal guardian resides at the different addresses. This
includes split or blended family scenarios.
• Existing Families where students only are currently enrolled at schools not yet participating in the
Online Application to Enrol process.
Any families who match the descriptions listed above must only submit a paper-based application to the

Any families who are unsure or do not wish to participate in the trial, please submit a paper-based
application to the school. All applications are treated equally.


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