Special Programs

Early Intervention Program
The progress of all children in their first years of schooling is regularly monitored and evaluated. Those children considered to require assistance are helped by:

Individual Education Programs (IEP)

Devised by the Resource Teacher  in consultation with the class teacher.


Reading Recovery Program

Children requiring assistance with reading at the end of their first year of schooling may join the Reading Recovery Program.  This program provides the children with a half-hour a day individual reading assistance by a trained Reading Recovery Teacher. There are criteria for selection and individual assessments are conducted to ascertain the needs of individual children. 

Children with Special Needs

 Children with intellectual, sensory, physical and emotional disabilities or specific learning difficulties are catered for within the integration program. This program provides IEP which sets objectives, monitors and evaluates their individual progress catering for their personal needs. Programs are devised by a support team which may include people within the educational and medical systems. Children are supported within the classroom situation by an integration assistant in consultation with the classroom teacher.