The Tuckshop is open 3 days (Wednesday, Thursday & Friday)  and our Co-ordinator is Anne Phegan. Volunteer parents help out and you are welcome to assist at any time.

To order your child’s lunch  access the QKR tuckshop App Order System which makes it quick & easy or alternatively place the correct money in a brown paper or re-usable lunch bag. (These are available to purchase from the canteen or from the order form below.) This is then placed in the classroom esky and delivered to the canteen each morning. The esky is then returned to the classroom prior to lunch with orders enclosed. NO helpers required Monday & Tuesday as Tuckshop is not open.

Tuckshop Price List 2020

Information & Parent Helper Note 

Tuckshop Roster 2020

Re-usable lunch bag order form

QKR Tuckshop App Order System Information

QKR How to guide