RE News

St. Patrick’s Day Celebrations ~ Tuesday 17th March

Assembly 10am ~ We also have Irish Dancers visiting

Mass ~  11.30am in the Mercy Hall

Lunch ~ 12.30 – 1.20pm  Families can bring a picnic lunch.

Followed by Fun Activities for the Children.

Children wear green clothing.

Holy Week

Thursday 6th April

Stations of the Cross will be celebrated at 11.30am in the hall.

We come together as our school community to celebrate Holy Week. We pray and reflect on the events of Jesus’ last days, his suffering and death. We think about what it might teach us so that we can be more faithful followers of Jesus willing to serve others just as he did.


Will take place at the end of our school holidays. Students are welcome to join in the March on the 25th of April. Full school uniform is required if marching with the school.

Sacramental Dates

First Eucharist – Sunday June 25th

Confirmation – September 10th

Reconciliation – November 15th


Last Day of Term 2 (Thursday 6th April)  Children can wear coloured clothes for a Gold Coin Donation for Caritas Australia.